Angle Meter App for radiographer. Great for checking positioning angles!

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Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce a new mobile app to you.
This app is called Angle Guide, and it is an angle meter app specialized for radiography.

Application Features

  • Angles and inclinations in all three axes can be viewed on a single screen in three dimensions.
  • Angle notification function: Notifies the user with color and vibration (selectable) from ±2 degrees of the set angle without looking at the screen.
  • It supports angle display from the ground (on the ground) and from a cassette or a supine/standing table (on the tabele).


This angle meter application will be able to measure any positioning angle that needs to be measured when shooting.

How to use this app

For example, cervical obliquity. Generally, it is taken at an oblique angle of 50 to 55 degrees in the standing position. With this application, it is possible to easily adjust the posture to that angle in 3 steps.

The x-ray device is ready to exposure when the iPhone is positioned so that it is in contact with the subject's back and positioned while looking at the yaw angle of the screen.

angeguide_iphone8_-2208x1242-English-for-homepage.005.jpegWe hope you will use this app for practical training for students and for newcomers to practice positioning for photography. This application is for iphone only. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store below for free (some functions have internal charges).

Download on the App Store

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